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Top-Rated Martial Arts Programs in Reseda

Excellent Kids

Ages 4 & 5

Our Excellent Kids program is specifically designed to introduce sports to younger children. The main goal is to build focus, balance and awareness of surroundings at this age. Having fun and enjoying the workout is more important when the child is so young. Our mission is to motivate and encourage our students to enjoy and pursue a life in exercise as well as good health

Tiny Tigers

Ages 5-7

Our Tiny Tigers Program transforms your child’s energy into a fun and motivated work out. With a combination of Tae Kwon Do and physical games, your child will learn discipline and respect without even noticing. Teaching children good martial arts requires patience and experience. Our staff here at ProKicks Martial Arts has the skill level and ability to do just that. We can make martial arts training and “listening to parents” fun! Your child will learn more than just sports, but rather skills and lessons that will last them a life time.

Child / Teen

Ages 8-13

Our Child to Teens Program is one of a kind. Here at ProKicks Martial Arts we focus heavily on Respect, Discipline and Positive Mental Growth. Your young one will develop the confidence needed to be a positive role model and great teenager. They’re attitude will improve as well as their respect towards their parents and elders. We teach life lessons using our physical courses which will help them become Responsible and Honorable. The hard work and fun challenges will prepare them for future school events and any other challenges life may present them with

Teen / Adult

Ages 14 & Up

Our Teen to Adults Program is uniquely designed to alter and change a teens perspective of their surroundings. All negative thoughts become positive “can do” actions. Our classes are a combination of kick boxing, self defense, cardio and calisthenics. With a mixture of Traditional Martial Arts and the Modern Sparring Style they will be given the tools needed to set and reach any goal.

Our full body work out is complimented by our Tae Kwon Do curriculum, which goes hand and hand. Teens & Adults will learn to build and maintain their body and mind. Our Programs will help you figure out your true potential and reaching a certain goal will become easier than you ever thought. Building good habits is what it’s all about and anyone can do it. Especially you!

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