Master Robie Bakhos

Hello, I’m Master Robie

I have been teaching martial arts and serving our community for almost 30 years. This sport has changed in many ways, but one aspect of it will never change. The fact that a child will live a different and better life, after a certain time of martial arts training. I have seen so many children grow and change. Providing the right influence will build their confidence and character over time. The way they speak will improve, their behavior at home will improve tremendously and their view of life will develop. They will develop an athletic body and mind as they go into their teen years. This will set their path for learning other sports or talents in the future. Their focus will improve and they will start to set goals for their life.

My father enrolled me in martial arts when I was 11 years old without me even wanting to do it. I always thank him for knowing what was best for me at a time when I was such an unconfident and unhealthy child. I trained for a couple of years before finally understanding how good it was for me and finally started to put full effort into it. Eventually, I knew that this was the path for me and this was the life I wanted to live. I now share my life and passion with my wife (Master Erica) as we both run our school with love and honor.